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Port Martgot



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Port-Margot, a place where life is drunk out of hand. Life here is the serenity of the landscape, of the air, of the days and nights… it is the serenity of the sun and the moon playing on the waters. It is also the sweetness and the benevolence of the Sainte-Marguerite or Anaïse. This small town is known for its beaches: Chouchou Baie, Coco, Coup de Sable, Cabaret, and Passe Cannot. Chouchou Baie is the most visited, because it is more accessible. Not far from Chouchou Baie is the Bassin Waka, which is difficult to access and is located on the extension of Morne Zombi and Morne Bak, precisely in Novion. This site welcomes pilgrims who come from all over to attend the vodou ceremonies, the festivities that always take place from July 14 to 19, the period of the patronal feast. And also, to dance Tropic and Septen always in the appointment. The waters of the Waka Basin are supposed to have healing properties. Pilgrims bathe there to purify themselves. Fishing is prohibited. However, it is always a treat for the eyes, these shiny and sparkling fish that make jumps.

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