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Cormier is an authentic, comfortable, and secure hotel.

Beyond being just a hotel, together with our partners, we have organized your stay so that you can have a complete and authentic experience of our culture, history, and nature.

Cormier HAITI is a rich story of perseverance in the face of adversity.

Fifty years ago, Kathy decided to return to her country and establish the hotel. She belongs to a long line of courageous women and was motivated by a deep desire to reconnect with her Haitian roots. In 1973, Kathy bought Cormier Beach, which was then lost at the end of a rough road an hour from Cap-Haïtien. The initial years were an adventure filled with challenges, but the hotel was built with determination.

Today, Cormier Plage Resort is the culmination of that vision. Located on a long stretch of white sand beach with both public and private areas, protected by a reef barrier, Cormier offers a serene environment on a 3-hectare park adorned with century-old trees. Just 30 minutes from the airport, it provides a disconnected oasis for travelers.

The local staff embodies Haitian hospitality, and the menu mainly features simple local dishes reminiscent of homemade meals prepared by our grandmothers. Ingredients are locally sourced, grown without pesticides or fertilizers. By collaborating with local fishermen, we ensure a short supply chain of excellent quality seafood, carefully prepared in the Creole spirit. Our goal is to embrace modernity while preserving traditions, providing an uncomplicated Haitian experience.

Cormier Plage Resort is the only beach hotel in Haiti, located 30 minutes from an international airport.

Cormier is at the heart of your vacation in northern Haiti, with a mission to offer you a unique experience and a personalized approach to the distinct culture of the Haitian people and Haiti's historical heritage. With a professional and secure approach, we enable you to enjoy the natural beauty of our beaches, historical sites, and mountains through our dedicated and young team, who pay special attention to your safety and well-being. Whether it's organizing events, weddings, or family gatherings, our attentive and professional approach, coupled with our desire for originality, ensures a unique and memorable experience.

Our success is validated solely by your satisfaction. An authentic hotel, Cormier offers 21 spacious rooms with balconies and sea views, just 10 to 20 meters from the ocean. We provide various options tailored to different guests, from family rooms for four people to comfortable suites and professional rooms. Whether you're planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, a business trip, a seminar, or family reunions, we aim to meet and exceed your expectations by placing your satisfaction at the forefront.

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The grandmother

Kathy the worker
and Jean Claude the diver

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